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Wendie Malick

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Place of birth:     Buffalo, New York, USA

Date of Birth:     12/13/1950

Profile:     White, Brunette, Small Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    Just Shoot Me had lots of guys just watching to see Wendie Malick parading in sexy outfits. Fortunately, Wendie's pre-sitcom days included showing a little skin in A Little Sex (1982), thanks to a bathrobe that conveniently flew open. Sadly, she's since kept guys hoping for more. Wendie was even one of the few actresses to keep her clothes on in HBO's series Dream    

Wendie Malick Nude Movies:

Divorce: A Contemporary Western (1998)

All failed marriages are the same, and all are different. Details vary, but a sense of tragedy is universal. But then, too, is the welcome revelation that, at last, all involved parties can finally boink other people. Divorce: A Contemporary Western (1998) examines the shared phenomenon of broken hearts leading to new freedom with frankness, insight, and—in the foxy forms of Priscilla Barnes,..
Starring: Priscilla Barnes (Nude), Wendie Malick (Nude)

Wendie Malick Sexy (NonNude) Movies:

A Little Sex (1982)

Tim Matheson is the guy who's getting A Little Sex (1982). As the womanizing lead, it appears that his randy ways are behind him when he meets Kate Capshaw, who shows off her behind is a brief butt shot. But Matheson can't keep it in his pants, and who can blame him. Hot chicks are everywhere he goes. He looks out a window..
Starring: Kate Capshaw (Nude), Lisa Dunsheath (Nude), Wendie Malick (Nude), Carolyn Perry (Nude)

Wendie Malick TV Shows:

Bratz as Berdeen Maxwell (voice) (2005-)
Father of the Pride as Victoria (voice) (2004-2005)
My Life with Men as Emily Zebrowski (2003-2003)
Fillmore! as Principal Folsom (voice) (2002-2002)
Just Shoot Me as Nina Van Horn (1997-2003)
Good Company as Zoe Hellstrom (1996-1996)
Dream On as Judith Stone (1990-1996)
Baywatch as Gayle Buchannon (1989-1994)
Another World as Henchwoman (1986-1986)
Paper Dolls as Taylor (1984-1984)
Trauma Center as Dr. Brigitte Blaine (1983-1983)

Wendie Malick Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Wendie Malick Nude pics and clips at

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