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Real Name:     Denise Smith

Place of birth:     Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth:     01/04/1959

Profile:     Black, Has Shown Bush, Black Hair, Medium Breasts (Real), Average Body Size, Model, Singer/Musician

    You're so vain, Denise Katrina Matthews! You probably think this bio is about you--and you're right! Former front-woman of the sexplicitly delicious girl group Vanity 6, this nasty girl has every reason to be proud. Previously known as Vanity, as she was christened by The Artist Formerly Known As You Know Who, in the '80s Denise was an international sex symbol best known for    

Vanity Nude Movies:

Action Jackson (1988)

Take ex-jock Carl Weathers and place him in an action drama, title it Action Jackson (1988), and watch the theaters fill up. With good reason too. Not only is the action of the film more than fulfilled as Weathers storms through Detroit like the black Dirty Harry, but audiences' jacksons will be stiff with pleasure watching both Prince's protégé Vanity and pre-pube-flashing Sharon..
Starring: Sharon Stone (Nude), Vanity (Nude)

52 Pick-Up (1986)

Roy Scheider plays the husband of a city-council hopeful caught (literally) with his pants down and blackmailed by a porno king. When he doesn't pay up, the bad guys off his sexy mistress, Kelly Preston. He can't go public and smear the campaign of his wife, played by the always hot Ann-Margret, so he takes the law in his own hands, and tough-guy..
Starring: Amber Lynn (Nude), Kelly Preston (Nude), Vanity (Nude)

Never Too Young to Die (1986)

Say what you will about John Stamos, but his high-school-kid-turned-international-spy movie is far superior to Richard Grieco’s. In fact, Never Too Young to Die (1986) is totally insane, with Gene Simmons turning in an amazing performance as a hermaphrodite villain with a great set of gams. Robert Englund also provides some real fun as an auxiliary villain. And while there’s not a real..
Starring: Vanity (Nude)

Famous T & A (1982)

Famous T&A (1982) is like Mr. Skin before the Internet. It’s a collection of skin scenes from a variety of movies featuring such stunners as Elvira, Vanity, Ursula Andress, Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Bisset, Sybil Danning, Uschi Digard, and everyone’s favorite Black Emanuelle, Laura Gemser. It’s a nostalgic peek at some of filmdom’s greatest peaks...
Starring: Angela Aames (Nude), Ursula Andress (Nude), Brigitte Bardot (Nude), Jacqueline Bisset (Nude), Sybil Danning (Nude), Phyllis Davis (Nude), Uschi Digard (Nude), Elvira (Nude), Laura Gemser (Nude), Claudia Jennings (Nude), Barbara Leigh (Nude), Ornella Muti (Nude), Joan Prather (Nude), Victoria Thompson (Nude), Idy Tripoldi (Nude), Vanity (Nude), Laurie Walters (Nude), Edy Williams (Nude)

The Best of Sex and Violence (1981)

Hosted by class actor John Carradine, The Best of Sex and Violence (1981) is just that, an omnibus of the obscene. They should have added humor to the title, because it’s a knee slapper on top of everything else, but after watching nude scenes from Elvira, Vanity, Uschi Digard, Laura Gemser, Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smtih, and Edy Williams, you’ll be too busy slapping something else...
Starring: Angela Aames (Nude), Phyllis Davis (Nude), Uschi Digard (Nude), Elvira (Nude), Laura Gemser (Nude), Claudia Jennings (Nude), Joan Prather (Nude), Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith (Nude), Vanity (Nude), Edy Williams (Nude)

Tanya's Island (1980)

Tanya's Island (1980) is located on that plane of whimsy called the extended dream sequence. It's a good place to be, as often its inhabitants will parade around in their birthday suits. Vanity is not vain about her body and, better still, is willing to share her exotic charms aplenty. To escape an abusive boyfriend she delves into a fantasy that finds her..
Starring: Vanity (Nude)

Vanity TV Serials:

Counterstrike - more info
Tales from the Crypt - more info and clips
Booker - more info

Vanity Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Vanity Nude pics and clips at

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