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Teresa Langley

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Real Name:     Cory Lane

Place of birth:     USA

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Blonde, Large Breasts (Fake), Average Body Size

Teresa Langley Nude Movies:

Heavenly Hooters (2003)

Heavenly Hooters (2003) showcases the bodacious bodies of a bevy of late-night cable starlets like Lauren Hays, who has appeared in classic T&A fests like The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure (1994) and Stripper Wives (1999). You can watch Lauren and her friends shower, roll around on beds, and pleasures themselves--in the nude!..
Starring: Melinda Armstrong (Nude), Joy Ballard (Nude), Lauren Hays (Nude), Lori Jo Hendrix (Nude), Julia Parton (Nude), Teresa Langley (Nude), Heidi Lynne Staley (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude)

I Like to Play Games Too (1998)

I Like to Play Games Too (1998) is the story of an ad exec who screws her clients--literally! It makes you want to join the rat race, especially if office cubicles are populated by pretties like Maria Ford, who is basically naked throughout the entire movie. She has no need to feel lonely though. Kim Dawson, Nenna Quiroz and Stephanie La Fleur each..
Starring: Kim Dawson (Nude), Maria Ford (Nude), Stephanee La Fleur (Nude), Catalina Larranaga (Nude), Teresa Langley (Nude), Nenna Quiroz (Nude)

Dungeons & Dragons (1996)

A nerdy brainiac finds a college to fund his sexy experiments in Dreammaster: The Erotic Invader (1996). He is on a mission to help his geeky generation get off, at least in their dreams. With his patented lucid dreaming technique, in which sleepers can direct their own unconscious desires, he plans to get the four-eyes of the world laid. Only he is terrorized..

Maui Heat: Swimsuit Edition (1996)

Maui Heat: Swimsuit Edition (1996) chronicles the exploits of a crew of photographers and some out-of-this-world supermodels as they travel halfway around the globe to do a shoot in Hawaii. Between poses, the gorgeous ladies of Maui Heat engage in torrid tropical pastimes, each of which involves them losing their bikinis. Teresa Langley has a threeway with two dudes, Kira Reed rides..
Starring: Kim Dawson (Nude), Teresa Langley (Nude), Kira Reed (Nude), Kimberly Rowe (Nude), Kim Yates (Nude)

All Nude Glamour (1995)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Jacqueline LovellJacqueline Lovell started her career under the name Sara St. James and appeared on the fringe of erotica, often in adult films but not really engaging in any "encounters." Her first major film was Animal Instincts III (1996), in which she played the part of a..
Starring: Danni Ashe (Nude), Shayna Lee (Nude), Jacqueline Lovell (Nude), Teresa Langley (Nude)

Body Strokes (1995)

The erotic touch of a brush stroke and the sensual textures of paint and flesh enliven artist Leo Kessler and his two beautiful models. The erotic secrets and deep desires of Beth and Claire arouse Leo from his slump as they all experience a passion that explodes in their wildest fantasies.Text courtesy of © 2008Text courtesy of © 2008..
Starring: Kelly Jaye (Nude), Kristen Knittle (Nude), Teresa Langley (Nude), Catherine Weber (Nude)

Sinful Intrigue (1995)

A shining example of the mid-1990s late-night cable-TV erotic-thriller genre, Sinful Intrigue (1995) casts some of the most recognizable names and most robust bodies of the era. Among the array of alluring eye candy is Griffin Drew (Dinosaur Island, Bikini Hoe Down), Becky Mullen (Forbidden Games, Hard Hunted), Kristen Knittle (Body Strokes, Emmanuelle in Space: First Contact), and Venesa Talor (Femalien, Femalien 2)...

Teresa Langley Sexy (NonNude) Movies:

Eve's Beach Fantasy (1995)

Two simultaneous concerns rule the logistics of the modern bikini drama. 1) Realism is of utmost importance so that no sudden breaks in credibility interrupt the cumulative arousal quotient. And 2) The bikini film's stable of stupendous stunners must be housed in a great pad that will not be overshadowed by the grandeur of the racks contained therein. So the problem is: From..
Starring: April Adams (Nude), Brittany Andrews (Nude), Sharon Engert (Nude), Jeanna Fine (Nude), Kalani Freeman (Nude), Samantha Phillips (Nude), Teresa Langley (Nude)

Teresa Langley Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Teresa Langley Nude pics and clips at

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