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Regina Russell

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Place of birth:     Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Date of Birth:     08/02/1973

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Medium Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    Regina, who would be the human inspiration for “Daphne” on Scooby-Doo if ever there was one, started her career in 1991 as a mermaid in the blockbuster hit Hook. However, that was her first big-budget movie she would be appearing in we hope it ain't her last. After an eight-year hiatus, Regina returned to the Silver Screen in 1999 with Skintastic roles in Sweet    

Regina Russell Nude Movies:

Baberellas (2003)

Who’s going to save the world from evil alien Julie Strain and her plan to destroy Earth in a bid for higher ratings for her extraterrestrial TV show? Well, the all-female rock band The Baberellas are pretty good candidates--or maybe not, since Strain’s plot relies on stealing our planet’s sexual essence. These gals certainly seem set with a never-ending supply of the stuff...

Bad Bizness (2003)

Traci Bingham is head of security at an Indonesian resort in Bad Bizness (2003). Business is good--if you happen to be a murdering psycho who loves to kill promiscuous young models. That's because there are loads of hot mamas who show off their hot mamas, which will have audiences shooting their loads. Mia Zottoli opens up the proceedings with a boobalicious striptease. Kira..
Starring: Traci Bingham (Nude), Melissa Brasselle, Kira Eggers (Nude), Belinda Gavin (Nude), Kim Maddox (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Bikini Airways (2003)

It pays to be born into a family with transferable assets. The comely heroine of Bikini Airways (2003) manifestly arrived in this life with intrinsic beauty, natural charm, and a knack for growing a stupendous rack. Despite these God-given attributes, the lovely lass would have been reduced to earning a living by her wits alone if not for that rich uncle who died..
Starring: Maya Divine (Nude), Belinda Gavin (Nude), Amy Lindsay (Nude), Kimber Lynn (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude)

Cheerleader Massacre (2003)

If the typical American high school were stocked with the crew of stacked-top strumpets who strut and flash throughout the flesh-packed frames of Cheerleader Massacre (2002), truancy would be down to nothing, no one would ever agree to graduate, and male teachers would pay for their posts. What could go wrong on a campus where sex is a team sport and all the..
Starring: April Flowers (Nude), Dana Pine (Nude), Charity Rahmer (Nude), Rikki Ray (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Tamie Sheffield (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude)

Visions of Passion (2003)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Regina RussellRegina, who would be the human inspiration for “Daphne” on Scooby-Doo if ever there was one, started her career in 1991 as a mermaid in the blockbuster hit Hook. However, that was her first big-budget movie she would be appearing in we hope it ain't her..
Starring: AnnMarie (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

The Model Solution (2002)

Plot? We don't need no stinkin' plot! So speak the producers of all softcore features, and they're right. Who needs conflict to get in the way of naked ladies? A perfect example of that rule brought to erotic life is The Model Solution (2002), which can be summed up simply as the story of two modeling agencies competing for a lucrative lingerie catalogue..
Starring: Antoinette Abbott (Nude), Kitana Baker (Nude), Kimberly Fisher (Nude), April Flowers (Nude), Holly Hollywood (Nude), Katie Lohmann (Nude), Kimber Lynn (Nude), Sasha Peralto (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Candace Washington (Nude), Kim Yates (Nude)

Mummy's Kiss (2002)

New Jersey's greatest grindhouse studio, Seduction Cinema, is famous for its quickie spoofs of mainstream hits. But Mummy's Kiss (2002) isn't the expected rip-off of the successful Mummy franchise, but a throwback to the classic horror yarns of the '40s—albeit with lesbian nudity. Mia plays a 3000-year-old Egyptian sorceress who was put to death because of her taste for good girl loving. She's..
Starring: April Flowers (Nude), Rhoda Jordan (Nude), Aysia Lee (Nude), Katie Lohmann (Nude), Elina Madison (Nude), Sasha Peralto (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Sex Court: The Movie (2002)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Julie StrainJulie Strain is about the most multi-talented six-foot-two-inch lady in the skintertainment industry. She acts. (Well enough to serve as Geena Davis's understudy in Thelma and Louise [1991].) She directs. (You just have to see Lingerie Kickboxer [1998] to believe it.) She models. (Ever heard of..
Starring: Skye Ashton (Nude), Catrina James (Nude), Katie Lohmann (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Alexandra Silk (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude), Stephanie Swinney (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Wolfhound (2002)

As the 1995 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Julie Cialini is certainly no dog. She does, however, elegantly morph into a werewolf in the sexy horror film Wolfhound (2002). Julie slips into her bestial state as easily as she slips out of her clothes in this sex-filled epic. Allen Scotti co-stars as the lucky guy who stumbles upon Julie’s little secret, while he..
Starring: Julie Cialini (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude)

Scandal: 15 Minutes of Fame (2001)

A late-night Skinemax favorite for years, Scandal: 15 Minutes of Fame (2001) exposes what happens when three female friends aim to electrify their existences. Ravishing redhead Regina Russell plays an actress, naturally stacked Kira Reed is a reporter, and buxom brunette Shauna O'Brien portrays a lawyer. Together they scheme to get a-"head" by blackmailing a senator. Regina seduces the politician, Kira snaps nude..

Alien Erotica 2 (2000)

The softcore sci-fi skinfest Sex Files: Alien Erotica II (2000) follows sexy FBI special operative Agent Forrest (Kira Reed) as she investigates a hotel room somehow linked to an alien world-domination plot that causes its inhabitants to disappear and a strange fungus that renders people irresistibly sexually attractive. You’ll be reaching for your mushroom cap when you see the Unbelievable Frontal Orbs and..
Starring: Gabriella Hall (Nude), Amber Newman (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude)

Bare Deception (2000)

Tane McClure likes it on top in Bare Deception (2000). She likes to ride her boy toys that way and wants her sexy talk radio show to be on top too. But the ratings are slipping until one of her callers gets killed. But has Tane done the deed to bring her career up? Well, she certainly does the deed with a lot..
Starring: Angela Grant (Nude), Tane McClure (Nude), Stella Porter (Nude), Nenna Quiroz (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Lisa Throw (Nude), Michelle von Flotow (Nude)

Luck of the Draw (2000)

Who is your favorite regular in grade-b straight-to-video movies? No matter what name you mention, he is probably in this film. Check this shit out, yo. * Eric Roberts * Dennis Hopper * Michael Madsen * Ice-T * William Forsythe * The Riddler Not just one or two of them, but ALL of them. This is a cops-and-robbers flick that has more competing parties than Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The loot is stolen treasury..

Passion's Obsession (2000)

A sexy P.I. uses her guile and curves to solve the case of a kidnapped male model in the steamy softcore mystery Passion’s Obsession (2000). Porn regulars Regina Russell and C.C. Costigan star as private detectives in need of a new assignment. When a hunky male model goes missing, Hollywood talent agent Angela Moore (Samantha Phillips) hires the girls to track him down...
Starring: Joanne Choo (Nude), C.C. Costigan (Nude), Shyra Deland (Nude), Tawny Garrison (Nude), Susan Hale (Nude), Samantha Phillips (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude)

Scandal: Lawful Entry (2000)

T&A meets Law & Order in the sexy, suck-cess-filled scenario Lawful Entry (2001). Lusty lawyer Brad Bartram is out to prosecute hefty-hooted hooker Kim Dawson for her cunning crimes of passion. His pretty-paired wifey, Michelle von Flotow, cock blocks her husband by defending the pretty pro in court. Mammy mayhem and bushy brouhaha break out when teasing and pleasing become the laws of..
Starring: Kim Dawson (Nude), Shyra Deland (Nude), Gabriella Hall (Nude), Amber Newman (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Jill Tompkins (Nude), Michelle von Flotow (Nude)

Ancient Desires (1999)

Tap into the ancient desires of juicy Jenna Bodnar as a yummy mummy reanimated by a curse that renders her a slave to her raging libido. To stay alive, she must fornicate as often as possible, leaving a trail of zombie-fied sex slaves in her wake. Spoooky! There’s plenty of identified flying orbage in the flick, and it belongs to Griffin Drew, Amber..

The Big Hustle (1999)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:LoriDawn MessuriRedhead LoriDawn Messuri may not have been able to decide on a first name, but she has no hesitation about shedding her threads onscreen. Her big-screen debut was in Malibu Nights (1997), in which she had the female lead, although it sadly didn't garner enough attention..
Starring: Kim Dawson (Nude), Keri Marrone (Nude), LoriDawn Messuri (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude)

Dungeon of Desire (1999)

Don't Buy this DVD! It's rather heavily censored for some weird reason. Most of the good scenes are gone from this DVD. No clue why, ask Surrender Cinema.... for the real director's cut version (if you can find it) this flick kicks ass! Here's why.... First off, if you like these types of films then you'll like it regardless because the girls have great..
Starring: Venessa Blair (Nude), Susan Featherly (Nude), Amber Newman (Nude), Stella Porter (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

The Perfect Man (1999)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Regina RussellRegina, who would be the human inspiration for “Daphne” on Scooby-Doo if ever there was one, started her career in 1991 as a mermaid in the blockbuster hit Hook. However, that was her first big-budget movie she would be appearing in we hope it ain't her..
Starring: Amber Newman (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude)

Sex Files: Creating the Perfect Man (1999)

When a genetics professor (Daniel Anderson) working on the science of cloning asks his female students to enter into a computer all the qualities that they would want in a man in Sex Files: Creating the Perfect Man (1999), there’s a data mix-up and Shauna O'Brien, Regina Russell, Zoe Paul, and Amber Newman end up with a clone of the professor himself. Fortunately..

Sex Files: Pleasureville (1999)

Pleasureville, being a member of the Sex Files series, is naturally about aliens. Well, aliens and sex. It’s actually a fairly well-done soft core flick, believe it or not… I’m still grappling with that, myself. The most notable thing about Pleasureville is how its plot (which revolves around a group of aliens who run a video rental outlet that lends out tapes which.. (1999)

The softcore sex flick (1999) follows the erotic adventures of a group of horny college girls whose age-appropriate sexual experimentation is being broadcast over the internet. Watch Mia Zottoli and Regina Russell get down to it in a steamy lesbian love-fest...
Starring: Kim Dawson (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Sexual Matrix (1999)

When people talk about ‘soft-core Cinemax titty flicks’, Sexual Matrix is precisely the sort of dreck they’re thinking of. Worthy of note to intrepid 12-year-olds with a keen affinity for the cable clicker, Sexual Matrix comprises 6 or 7 mildly serviceable sex scenes punctuated by a truly inane plot framework involving chintzy computer terminals and unconvincing scientists.Our two scientists (a guy and a..
Starring: Lisa Comshaw (Nude), Caroline Key Johnson (Nude), Amber Newman (Nude), Zoe Paul (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude), Michelle von Flotow (Nude)

Regina Russell Sexy (NonNude) Movies:

Zigzag (2002)

With the decay in societal structure and the moral anomie that crept into the fabric of American life as the past century slipped away, the family drama has needed to be severely updated and revamped. Zigzag (2002) is a serious, touching, tragicomic reevaluation of the bonds and liabilities of blood relations. Playing alternately brash and pathetic as the drug-addicted father of a teenage autistic..
Starring: Valarie Ianniello (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude)

Regina Russell TV Shows:

Kama Sutra as Elise (2000-2000)

Regina Russell TV Serials:

Kama Sutra - more info
Hotel Erotica - more info
Passion Cove - more info

Regina Russell Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Regina Russell Nude pics and clips at

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