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Miho Nomoto

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Place of birth:     Saitama, Japan

Date of Birth:     11/10/1974

Profile:     Asian, Has Shown Bush, Black Hair, Medium Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    Miho Nomoto burst onto the Hong Kong cinematic scene in 1996 with a part in Fudoh: The New Generation, which we are pretty sure is an approximation of the Cantonese title, which we can’t even begin to pronounce, much less spell. Thankfully, though, this hot-assed actress has had her fair share of Skinful parts. Her first, and perhaps most explicit sex scenes    

Miho Nomoto Nude Movies:

Sex Medusa (2001)

From the sewers of Hong Kong slithers a new and compellingly sleazy life form in Sex Medusa (2001). The local health officials have been forewarned of potential contamination of the metropolis’s drainage system and have sent troops wielding flamethrowers to destroy nests of snake eggs lurking beneath the storm grates. The egg they miss transforms into a slinky naked chick and wriggles into..
Starring: Miho Nomoto (Nude)

Lady in Heat (1997)

There’s something for everybody in Lady in Heat (1997), an erotic omnibus film from Taiwan that showcases the many permutations of carnal desire. From a buxom female shopper eager to test-run bathtubs (Rebecca Cheung) to a swinging couple swap to a taboo affair between murder suspect and female detective (Miho Nomoto), this steamy anthology covers a number of bases while allowing a good..
Starring: Rebecca Cheung (Nude), Miho Nomoto (Nude)

The Peeping Tom (1997)

The Peeping Tom (1997) is an extreme Asian horror film that doesn’t shy away from gore, extreme violence, or long and lovely moments of female nakedness. Hong Kong is being haunted by a serial killer who loves nothing more than abducting beautiful young women before torturing, raping, and murdering them. He then removes their legs and hangs them from his ceiling. Enter a..
Starring: Miho Nomoto (Nude), Rachel Tucker (Nude)

Gokudō sengokushi: Fudō (1996)

Japanese cult director Takashi Miike’s crime thriller Gokudō sengokushi: Fudō (1996) stars Shosuke Tanihara as Riki Fudoh, a teenaged gangster who goes to high school by day and controls a ruthless gang of juvenile delinquents by night. To avenge his brother’s murder at the hands of his Yakuza-boss father, Fudoh makes a play for power and starts wiping out his father’s gang. Along..
Starring: Marie Jinno (Nude), Miho Nomoto (Nude)

Beautiful Sisters (1995)

The erotic drama Beautiful Sisters (1995) helped to establish Japanese beauty Miho Nomoto as one of the top talents in Asian skin cinema. Appearing alongside Yue Tanigawa, Nomoto steams up the screen as an insatiable young woman who takes her pleasure in the shower, in bed, and anywhere else she pleases. Not to be outdone, Tanigawa struts her stuff as a persistent perp..
Starring: Miho Nomoto (Nude), Yue Tanigawa (Nude)

Miho Nomoto Nude Pictures/Clips:

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Miho Nomoto Nude pics and clips at

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