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Mia Zottoli

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Place of birth:     Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date of Birth:     04/06/????

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Large Breasts (Fake), Average Body Size

    Mia started her career out in 1999 with a bit part in the R-rated Skin Fest that was Shandra: The Jungle Girl and has since gone on to quite the Skintastic career, making appearances in such wonderful productions as Sexually Bewitched, Sexual Matrix,…you get the picture. Mia has shown off just about everything in her many movies, mostly waving her surgically-enhanced hootitdue around    

Mia Zottoli Nude Movies:

All for Lust (2003)

A bachelor party gets delightfully out of control in the titillating softcore horror thriller All for Lust (2003). Rachel Gordon’s largely plot-less film follows a groom and his two best buds as they hit a notorious strip joint for a night of indulgence. Excited by all of the flesh on display, the buds bet which of them can score more tail before the..
Starring: Jacklyn Lick (Nude), Ashley Renee (Nude), Samantha Sterlyng (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Bad Bizness (2003)

Traci Bingham is head of security at an Indonesian resort in Bad Bizness (2003). Business is good--if you happen to be a murdering psycho who loves to kill promiscuous young models. That's because there are loads of hot mamas who show off their hot mamas, which will have audiences shooting their loads. Mia Zottoli opens up the proceedings with a boobalicious striptease. Kira..
Starring: Traci Bingham (Nude), Melissa Brasselle, Kira Eggers (Nude), Belinda Gavin (Nude), Kim Maddox (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Hatchetman (2003)

The made-for-cable erotic thriller Hatchetman (2003) tells the story of Claudia (Cheryl Renee), a young woman studying to be a lawyer and putting herself through school by stripping. But things get dangerous when a mysterious killer starts stalking and slaying all of Claudia’s stripper friends. While the star of this movie uses a body double for her nudity, we get to see real..
Starring: Leila Hashemzadeh (Nude), Christina Lepanto (Nude), Cheryl Renee (Nude), Fonta Sawyer (Nude), Nina Tapanin (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Visions of Passion (2003)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Regina RussellRegina, who would be the human inspiration for “Daphne” on Scooby-Doo if ever there was one, started her career in 1991 as a mermaid in the blockbuster hit Hook. However, that was her first big-budget movie she would be appearing in we hope it ain't her..
Starring: AnnMarie (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

13 Erotic Ghosts (2002)

Just because you're dead doesn't mean you have to lie there and play dead in bed, at least that's the premise of 13 Erotic Ghosts (2002), which tells the story of a bunch of erotic ghost hunters on the trail of the horny dead. The hunters have special glasses that allow them to see the erotic ghosts, and if you purchase the DVD..
Starring: Felony (Nude), Aria Giovanni (Nude), Nicole Specht (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude), Zen (Nude), Zero (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Embrace the Darkness 3 (2002)

A bloodletting B-horror franchise rolls onward with Embrace the Darkness 3 (2002), an eerie tale about a female vampire with a nagging need for the red stuff. Brooke Larele plays the fanged leading lady who offs her vampire boyfriend after tiring of him, then takes up with an aristocratic count who wants to work her into his plans for world domination. Because he..
Starring: Chelsea Blue (Nude), Holly Hollywood (Nude), Sasha Peralto (Nude), Tiffany Shepis (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Madame Hollywood (2002)

Madame Hollywood (2002) can be such a bitch. Daisy (Mia Zottoli) lands in Tinseltown as so many young hopefuls do, just bursting with energy and optimism—only to end up peeling on stage at a strip club soon thereafter. Still ambitious, our heroine organizes her fellow ecdysiasts and creates a private dancer organization that caters to mega-bucks clientele. Cops crash the party, but soon..

Mummy's Kiss (2002)

New Jersey's greatest grindhouse studio, Seduction Cinema, is famous for its quickie spoofs of mainstream hits. But Mummy's Kiss (2002) isn't the expected rip-off of the successful Mummy franchise, but a throwback to the classic horror yarns of the '40s—albeit with lesbian nudity. Mia plays a 3000-year-old Egyptian sorceress who was put to death because of her taste for good girl loving. She's..
Starring: April Flowers (Nude), Rhoda Jordan (Nude), Aysia Lee (Nude), Katie Lohmann (Nude), Elina Madison (Nude), Sasha Peralto (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Naked Betrayal (2002)

A brash young card shark gets quickly in over his head in a high-stakes poker competition in the sensuous softcore flick Naked Betrayal (2002). Micah Bradshaw stars as Mike, the ramblin’, gamblin’ man whose luck sours at a Vegas tournament, causing him to fall deeply in debt to a ruthless lender. Mike struggles to get back on his feet and take his revenge..
Starring: Chennin Blanc, Jacklyn Lick (Nude), Heather Lynn, Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Rolling Kansas (2002)

Sideways (2004) jokester Thomas Haden Church answers the twenty-first-century need for a ’70s-worthy stoner classic with his indie road tripper Rolling Kansas (2002). Billed as “an independent film about a road trip to find a magical forest of marijuana,” the flick begins as an enterprising family of T-shirt salesmen watches its business go belly-up. The lone hope for saving the brothers’ store is..
Starring: Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Sex Court: The Movie (2002)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Julie StrainJulie Strain is about the most multi-talented six-foot-two-inch lady in the skintertainment industry. She acts. (Well enough to serve as Geena Davis's understudy in Thelma and Louise [1991].) She directs. (You just have to see Lingerie Kickboxer [1998] to believe it.) She models. (Ever heard of..
Starring: Skye Ashton (Nude), Catrina James (Nude), Katie Lohmann (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Alexandra Silk (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude), Stephanie Swinney (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Slaughter Studios (2002)

Slaughter Studios (2002) was once a flick factory specializing in blood, guts, and fright-night fare. Since they've gone out of business, however, their studios are as empty as a gutted victim from one of their spookhouse pics. Now the great place is even facing the wrecking ball. It's the perfect setup for a set of film-school types with a soft spot for Slaughter—they..
Starring: Serra Ellison (Nude), Eva Frajko (Nude), Tara Killian (Nude), Lorissa McComas (Nude), Laura Otis (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Staying On Top (2002)

Staying on Top (2002) delivers good on its pun, telling the story of Holly Sampson as an up-and-coming ad exec who crosses paths with Angela Davies as her cold and heartless boss, who turns out to be rather warm and heart-on-making in bed. From the boardroom to the bedroom, these women like to be on top. Thanks to Sasha Peralto, Holly Hollywood, Mia..
Starring: Angela Davies (Nude), Leila Hashemzadeh (Nude), Holly Hollywood (Nude), Sasha Peralto (Nude), Holly Sampson (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Animal Attraction III (2001)

Animal Attraction III (2001) is one of the worst excuses for a soft core I have ever seen. Granted, they have 5 women, three of which show breasts and buns, and the other two show all three Bs, but the plot is just plain silly, the acting is abysmal, with flubbed lines left in, and most of the sets are really ordinary. To..
Starring: Susan Featherly (Nude), Tien Fran (Nude), Devinn Lane (Nude), Lauren Montgomery (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Platinum Blonde (2001)

Holly Sampson (Pump Up the Volume, Gia) stars in the Soft Core Montage that is Platinum Blonde as the title character “Angela,” whom we are led to believe is an “Eros” angel, or something similar. An angel with a dildo, anyway…The film floats through three stories concerning the lovelorn, all of which end up in some serious sexual fun. The first segment focuses..

Sinful Temptations (2001)

Against her husband’s wishes, Nicole Williams (Mia Zottoli) takes a whack at peddling her womanly wares with a highly successful modeling agency in Sinful Temptations (2001). While dancing and prancing down the catwalk, this pretty pussy is transformed from nice to naughty and soon begins stripping and tipping the light fandango of her new photographer boyfriend and his bevy of beautiful gal pals..
Starring: Griffin Drew (Nude), Susan Featherly (Nude), Lisa Throw (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Diary of Lust (2000)

The 2000 softcore flick Diary of Lust portrays a series of erotic vignettes within the frame story of a sex researcher who has discovered an old diary full of ribald adventures. Director Madison Monroe is a multi-talented entertainer, directing softcore movies like Carnal Sins (2001) and Castle Eros (2001) and performing in hardcore movies like White Chicks Gettin’ Black Balled 5 (2004) and..
Starring: Susan Featherly (Nude), Caroline Key Johnson (Nude), Julia Kruis (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Fast Lane to Vegas (2000)

In the softcore road movie Fast Lane to Vegas (2000), Zack and Brian (Stephen Harvard and Steve Curtis) are on their way to Las Vegas for one last bachelor blowout before Brian’s wedding. Along the way they encounter sexual distractions in the form of strippers, showgirls, and women just looking for a good time. Unbeknownst to Brian, his fiancée and her maid of..
Starring: Kelly Alane (Nude), Dee (Nude), Flower Edwards (Nude), Sarah Kalla (Nude), Kelli McCarty (Nude), Tera Patrick (Nude), Angela Penny (Nude), Sasha Peralto (Nude), Renee Rea (Nude), Tracy Ryan (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Hollywood Sins (2000)

Tinseltown intrigue fuels Hollywood Sins (2000), with a pre-boobjob Mia Zottoli as a movie star married to a high-powered talent agent and stud provider to wife of agency owner Kim Dawson. To make matters more erotic, Mia and Kim are lovers, so naturally we get to see them do what they do best: each other. But along with way Tracy Ryan, Dee, Tess..
Starring: Tess Broussard (Nude), Kim Dawson (Nude), Dee (Nude), Viktoria Karina (Nude), Tracy Ryan (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Carnal Desires (1999)

Carnal Desires is, I suppose, an apt title for this soft core skinfest. Really, any title, from Casual Fucking to Fornication at a Massage Parlor to Rampant, Overwhelming Gratuitous Nudity Contained Within to Make Up for a Lack of Plot would do just fine.The film stars Steven Ginsburg (Sex Files: Erotic Possessions, Sex Files: Creating the Perfect Man) as a super-horny masseuse who..
Starring: Susan Featherly (Nude), Tamara Landry (Nude), Peggy Trentini (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Dungeon of Desire (1999)

Don't Buy this DVD! It's rather heavily censored for some weird reason. Most of the good scenes are gone from this DVD. No clue why, ask Surrender Cinema.... for the real director's cut version (if you can find it) this flick kicks ass! Here's why.... First off, if you like these types of films then you'll like it regardless because the girls have great..
Starring: Venessa Blair (Nude), Susan Featherly (Nude), Amber Newman (Nude), Stella Porter (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Forbidden Highway (1999)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Tracy RyanTremendously tantalizing Tracy Ryan isn't just one of the fastest-rising starlets in the realm of high-octane, minimal-clothing, direct-to-video entertainment, she's one of the most beguilingly beautiful lovelies to light up screens of any type in some time. Over the past few years, this hard-bodied blonde (who's..
Starring: Dee (Nude), Kira Reed (Nude), Tracy Ryan (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Hot Club California (1999)

When three hotties find a suitcase with $100,000 in it they do the right thing: They move to California and use the cash to open a strip club. Naturally the gangster whose money they find comes looking for it, but what he finds isn’t cold, hard cash—it’s just naked ladies, which makes him (and you) hard and hot. Among those nudists are Katie.. (1999)

The softcore sex flick (1999) follows the erotic adventures of a group of horny college girls whose age-appropriate sexual experimentation is being broadcast over the internet. Watch Mia Zottoli and Regina Russell get down to it in a steamy lesbian love-fest...
Starring: Kim Dawson (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Sexual Matrix (1999)

When people talk about ‘soft-core Cinemax titty flicks’, Sexual Matrix is precisely the sort of dreck they’re thinking of. Worthy of note to intrepid 12-year-olds with a keen affinity for the cable clicker, Sexual Matrix comprises 6 or 7 mildly serviceable sex scenes punctuated by a truly inane plot framework involving chintzy computer terminals and unconvincing scientists.Our two scientists (a guy and a..
Starring: Lisa Comshaw (Nude), Caroline Key Johnson (Nude), Amber Newman (Nude), Zoe Paul (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude), Michelle von Flotow (Nude)

Shandra: The Jungle Girl (1999)

Four eggheads are searching the deserts of Brazil for Shandra: The Jungle Girl (1999), a breasty beast who attacks at night by the light of the full moon. Shandra—a.k.a. Lisa Throw—is a jungle rumbler with hummina-hummina jumblers who goes for the jugular in a most spectacular way. Rather than attacking her victims, she sacks her victims . . . to death! Can the..
Starring: Lisa Comshaw (Nude), Venesa Talor (Nude), Lisa Throw (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Mia Zottoli TV Shows:

Love Goddesses of the World as Herself (2001-2001)

Mia Zottoli Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Mia Zottoli Nude pics and clips at

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