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Melissa Brasselle

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Real Name:     Melissa Maria Brasselle

Place of birth:     USA

Profile:     White, Brunette, Large Breasts (Fake), Average Body Size

    Even a newbie skinophile knows they can probably expect some bare-booby goodness from an actress with a resumť that includes titles like Cyborg 3 : The Recycler (1994), Body Chemistry 4 : Full Exposure (1995), Thy Neighborís Wife (2001), and Cheerleader Massacre (2003)--but the fake-funbagged Melissa Brasselle often manages to hide in the background while other ladies make with the lovebuds. Still, itís not    

Melissa Brasselle Sexy (NonNude) Movies:

Bad Bizness (2003)

Traci Bingham is head of security at an Indonesian resort in Bad Bizness (2003). Business is good--if you happen to be a murdering psycho who loves to kill promiscuous young models. That's because there are loads of hot mamas who show off their hot mamas, which will have audiences shooting their loads. Mia Zottoli opens up the proceedings with a boobalicious striptease. Kira..
Starring: Traci Bingham (Nude), Melissa Brasselle, Kira Eggers (Nude), Belinda Gavin (Nude), Kim Maddox (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

The Curse of the Komodo (2003)

Reptiles frighten humans at a primal depth, thatís why creepy, slithery, cold-blooded, crawling beasts have been used to scare people ever since the snake slithered into the Bible. Just imagine if the serpent of Eden had been as large, venomous, and predatory as the scientifically mutated lizards that terrorize the crooks and researchers who are stranded upon a monster-infested island in The Curse..
Starring: Melissa Brasselle, Glori-Anne Gilbert (Nude)

Treasure Hunt! (2003)

Director Jim Wynorski has given the world The Bare Wench Project (2000) and Cheerleader Massacre (2003), and now comes Treasure Hunt! (2003). While itís not as skinful as some of his previous straight-to-video ventures, watching the giant jugs of Julie Strain getting rubbed down by nude-comer Susan Skye is a pants pleaser. The story of a Survivor-esque realty show with the surprise guest..
Starring: Melissa Brasselle, Glori-Anne Gilbert (Nude), Gail Harris (Nude), Samantha Phillips (Nude), Mary Ann Schmidt, Susan Skye (Nude), Shea Smith (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude)

Raptor (2001)

The raptor in the Roger Corman-produced Raptor (2001) is a genetically engineered dinosaur who busts out of the lab where he was created and runs amuck, stomping local areas of importance and chomping on townsfolk. In addition to all the fun dino-destruction, massively lung-pillowed Lorissa McComas is on hand to liven up the proceedings with some front-seat toplessness while making out with her..
Starring: Melissa Brasselle, Lorissa McComas (Nude)

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