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Marie Jinno

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Place of birth:     Kanagawa, Japan

Date of Birth:     10/13/1971

Profile:     Asian, Black Hair, Small Breasts, Average Body Size

    More than the sun is rising in Japan. That's where Marie Jinno happens to be one of the hottest exports, save for wasabi. Sadly, she hasn't appeared in any American cinema thus far in her career, but we'd rather ride her than a Honda. Marie made her debut in Fudoh: The Next Generation (1996), a violent gangster film by the director of the eye-opening    

Marie Jinno Nude Movies:

Gokudô sengokushi: Fudô (1996)

Japanese cult director Takashi Miike’s crime thriller Gokudô sengokushi: Fudô (1996) stars Shosuke Tanihara as Riki Fudoh, a teenaged gangster who goes to high school by day and controls a ruthless gang of juvenile delinquents by night. To avenge his brother’s murder at the hands of his Yakuza-boss father, Fudoh makes a play for power and starts wiping out his father’s gang. Along..
Starring: Marie Jinno (Nude), Miho Nomoto (Nude)

Tokyo Decameron: Three Tales of Madness and Sensuality (1996)

Tokyo Decameron (1996) is subtitled Three Tales of Madness and Senusality. The first, called "Two Women Named Mariko," features Kei Mizutani and Marie Jinno playing a nasty military officer and her humiliated assistant. When the brass gets down with the enlisted men and her underling wants to join in, there's swift punishment, just like the Japanese lust for. Yu Kawai stars in "Lesbian..
Starring: Marie Jinno (Nude), Yu Kawai (Nude), Yu Kawai (Nude), Hitomi Shiraishi (Nude)

Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers (1996)

The fatally attractive female is a primal archetype in nature and myth, from the human vagina dentata all the way down to the black widow spiders and other bugs of prey. At its most idealized and sensual incarnation, the killer hot lady ethos is embodied by "Rei," a hot-chick government assassin who is especially deathly sexy in Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers (1996). The..
Starring: Marie Jinno (Nude), Kumiko Takeda (Nude)

Marie Jinno Nude Pictures/Clips:

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Marie Jinno Nude pics and clips at

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