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Mariangela Melato

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Place of birth:     Milan, Italy

Date of Birth:     09/18/1941

Profile:     White, Blonde, Medium Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    Nobody's saying that Madonna isn't sexy, but she had a big bikini top to fill in her recent remake of Swept Away (2002). Specifically, she had to match Mariangela Melato's perfect presence in the original Swept Away (1974)--including a beach sex scene that's a legend in European cinema. Of course, Mariangela went on to even greater glories, with guys buffing their boners to her    

Mariangela Melato Nude Movies:

Summer Night (1986)

Director Wertmüller returns to the familiar terrain of sexual and political conflict in this enjoyably erotic comedy, reminiscent in many ways to her 1975 hit Swept Away. That film's star Melato plays a bitchy millionairess who has the tables turned on a notorious terrorist responsible for a series of kidnappings. She kidnaps him and holds him captive on her isolated Mediterranean isle, where..
Starring: Mariangela Melato (Nude)

Dimenticare Venezia (1979)

Dimenticare Venezia (1979) is a drama about a woman who ends up rooming with two lesbians, played by Eleonora Giorgi and Mariangela Melato, who may be related. Mariangela made her nude debut in the original Swept Away (1974). Madonna mia!..
Starring: Eleonora Giorgi (Nude), Mariangela Melato (Nude)

Attenti al buffone (1976)

The spooky Italian sex comedy Attenti al buffone (1976) transfers the standard sex farce to a creepy old mansion, with some raunchy results. This movie won Best Screenplay at the prestigious David di Donatello Awards. Don’t miss Mariangela Melato’s prizewinning melons, either, when she gets it on with her boyfriend in the haunted house...
Starring: Mariangela Melato (Nude)

Nada (1974)

Nada (1974) is the high-impact tale of a group of European anarchists who kidnap an American ambassador and touch off an international firestorm. André Épaulard (Maurice Garrel) turns down the offer to coordinate the initial violence, prompting a visit from group leader Buenaventura Diaz (Fabio Testi). The men disagree, but André is pulled into the maelstrom. Sandra Julien and Mariangela Melato strip down..
Starring: Sandra Julien (Nude), Mariangela Melato (Nude)

Swept Away (1974)

Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'Agosto (1975) (Swept Away... by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of August) was released in the US as Swept Away. It is the film that put writer/director Lina Wertmüller on the map in the US. Kind of an Italian Goldie Hawn/Overboard, it is a variation on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. A rich bitch..
Starring: Mariangela Melato (Nude)

Mariangela Melato TV Shows:

L' Avvocato delle donne as Irene Salvi (1996-1996)
Le Chinois as Valeria C. Bingham (1989-1989)
Logan's Run as Valeria Contini Bingham (1977-1977)

Mariangela Melato Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Mariangela Melato Nude pics and clips at

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