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Maria Simon

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Place of birth:     Leipzig, Germany

Date of Birth:     ??/??/1976

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Blonde, Medium Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    Born in Germany, Maria Simon got a jump start on her skin career by virtue of the fact that she's the younger and arguably tastier sister of skinsational actress Susanna Simon (they both appeared in Mord im Swingclub [2000]). Munificent Maria only has a half-dozen credits to date, but one of them offered the skin sequences that the sexy Simon family is so readily    

Maria Simon Nude Movies:

Kleine Schwester (2004)

Soon after receiving her big break in the multiple-award-winning German blockbuster Good Bye, Lenin! (2003), Maria Simon starred in the made-for-TV movie Kleine Schwester (2004), which combines elements of a family drama with a thriller subplot. Maria plays Katrin Rubakow, an ambitious police officer who works with her lover Ulf (Benno Fürmann) at the German-Polish border. Dark clouds appear on the horizon when..
Starring: Maria Simon (Nude), Esther Zimmering (Nude)

Erste Ehe (2003)

Erste Ehe (2003) tells the story of the doomed wedding party of Dorit (played by Maria Simon from Good Bye, Lenin! [2003]) and Alex (Nils Nellessen). Thanks to plenty of booze and pot a small argument evolves into a relentless battle of the sexes that reaches its boiling point when Dorit decides to strip down to her bare essentials--in the middle of the..
Starring: Maria Simon (Nude)

Jenny Berlin - Tod am Meer (2000)

The German TV crime drama Einsatz in Hamburg - Tod am Meer (2000) stars brunette Brünnhilde Aglaia Szyszkowitz as Kommissarin Jenny Berlin, a mystery-solving, crime-fighting German detective who always gets her man—and almost shows her cans. In the episode titled “Tod am Meer” (“Death at Sea”), we can almost see the shadow of Fräulein Szyszkowitz’s left nip-kowitz as she stands topless with her..
Starring: Maria Simon (Nude), Aglaia Szyszkowitz (Nude)

Maria Simon Sexy (NonNude) Movies:

Jonathans Liebe (2001)

In Jonathans Liebe (2001), Christopher and Jonathan, two brothers, could hardly be more different. Chris loves the ladies, is outgoing, and loves to work the crowd. Jonathan, on the other hand, is introverted and creative, as well as handicapped. By day Jonathan sits in his wheel chair and creates fantastical websites; by night he pines for the love that constantly eludes him. When..
Starring: Annedore Kleist (Nude), Maria Simon (Nude)

Verbotene Küsse (2001)

The German crime thriller Verbotene Küsse (2001) features Natalia Wörner, Vadim Glowna, and Ralph Herforth. German babes Fiona Coors and Maria Simon get sexy, but the real treat is Natalia’s exposed slit and seat meat as she struts around in crotchless lingerie. That will have you reaching for your wörner!..
Starring: Fiona Schwartz (Nude), Maria Simon (Nude), Natalia Wörner (Nude)

Zornige Küsse (1999)

Lea (Maria Simon) is a Catholic schoolgirl gone bad in Zornige Küsse (1999). Lea falls in love with Father Bachman, an attractive young priest teaching at the religious school she attends in the mountains. He succumbs to her advances in the end, but there are many negative consequences. The virgin Maria flashes bra-clad miniboobs, and classmate Julia Jentsch’s rock-hard nipples nearly poke through..
Starring: Julia Jentsch (Nude), Maria Simon (Nude)

Maria Simon Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Maria Simon Nude pics and clips at

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