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Lynda Wiesmeier

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Place of birth:     Washington D.C., USA

Date of Birth:     05/30/1963

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Blonde, Large Breasts (Real), Average Body Size, Playmate (July, 1982)

    A baby-faced, beach-fresh, feathered-blonde beauty appeals to the male need to be helpful and supportive on many different levels, particularly if the flaxen-tressed fluff top is burdened with a bulky, unmanageable, uncontainable rack of bulbous boobs. When smiling imp Lynda Wiesmeier appears onscreen in Preppies (1982), lolling about upon an unmade bed, her modesty shielded by nothing more than a flimsy slip of white    

Lynda Wiesmeier Nude Movies:

Evil Town (1987)

Why is it that whenever a stranger is passing through town they always discover something strange? Thatís just what happens in the horror flick Evil Town (1987). What is happening in town? Oh, just another one of those mad-scientist-types creating an army of zombies, thatís all. The living dead arenít the only ones being raised; viewers will find their flaccid members standing up..
Starring: Lynda Wiesmeier (Nude)

Malibu Express (1985)

Down and out detective Cody Abilene (Darby Hinton) is in desperate need of a money-making case in Malibu Express (1985). He hits the lusty mother load when the curvy Contessa Luciana (Sybil Danning) hires him to investigate the murder of her husband. Stumbling upon international espionage and a barrage of half-naked centerfold foils (including booby beauties such as Barbara Edwards, Kimberly McArthur, and..
Starring: Sybil Danning (Nude), Barbara Edwards (Nude), Robyn Hilton (Nude), Alex Hinton (Nude), Kimberly McArthur (Nude), Shanna McCullough (Nude), Lorraine Michaels (Nude), Shelley Taylor Morgan (Nude), Suzanne M. Regard (Nude), Lori Sutton (Nude), Lynda Wiesmeier (Nude)

R.S.V.P. (1984)

The plot of R.S.V.P. (1984), like all softcore pants boilers, is simply to get a bunch of beautiful women together and get them naked. The premise here is that a best-selling author of a roman ŗ clef has gathered those wild people who inspired the story, which is about to be made into a motion picture. More like moanin' picture, as it takes..
Starring: Tamara Landry (Nude), Suzanne Remey Lawrence (Nude), Laurie Senit (Nude), Katt Shea (Nude), Allene Simmons (Nude), Lynda Wiesmeier (Nude)

Red Hot Rock (1984)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Brinke StevensBrunette, with breasts the perfect size for palming and a rear asset that is every bit as pert as her clever, pretty face, Brinke Stevens is a faux bimbo. The San Diego, California-born skinstress has flashed and flounced through more than eighty B-grade productions since her..
Starring: Brinke Stevens (Nude), Lynda Wiesmeier (Nude)

Wheels of Fire (1984)

Wheels of Fire (1984) is another in the series of end-of-the-world apocalyptic action flicks in which roving gangs battle over the diminishing gas supply. There are lots of weird outfits and outlandish vehicles. But man cannot live by petrol alone. That's where Laura Banks and Lynda Wiesmeier come in. Even after society unravels, man still needs to unwind with a hottie. Laura, who..
Starring: Laura Banks (Nude), Lynda Wiesmeier (Nude)

Private School (1983)

What they teach young students in Private School (1983) is how to ogle at naked breasts or how to try anything to get laid. Hey, boarding school doesn't sound too bad. Hitting the books and cracking open their school uniforms are Phoebe Cates, who shows her Cates in a see-through negligee and flashes her young rump, and Betsy Russell, who rides a horse..
Starring: Phoebe Cates (Nude), Sylvia Kristel (Nude), Kari Lizer (Nude), Julie Payne (Nude), Betsy Russell (Nude), Brinke Stevens (Nude), Lynda Wiesmeier (Nude), Kathleen Wilhoite

Preppies (1982)

A bunch of hotties are set upon a group of unsuspecting preppies in an attempt to distract them so they fail their final exams. Considering the talent amassed in Preppies (1982), those poor lads are toast. Nitchie Barrett dances topless with one at a party, which fogs up his big, plastic glasses. At the same party Cindy Manion's bulbous breasts slip out of..
Starring: Nitchie Barrett (Nude), Cindy Manion (Nude), Katt Shea (Nude), Katie Stelletello (Nude), Lynda Wiesmeier (Nude)

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