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Leslie Harter Zemeckis

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Place of birth:     USA

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Large Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    If you recognize Leslie Harter Zemeckis, it's because she's shown her fetching face and form on many a sexy series. Leslie made us feel funny inside with her curvy cans and obtuse caboose in guest appearances on Caroline in the City, Silk Stalkings, and Beverly Hills, 90210. It's easy to want to follow this fox around town after seeing her at her best undressed    

Leslie Harter Zemeckis Nude Movies:

Sacrifice (2000)

Michael Madsen is the boiling center of the hot thriller Sacrifice (2000). He plays a con and breaks out of jail to find the serial killer that cut up his daughter. He needs closure--extreme closure. Madsen is man enough to beat the cops at their own game and cop some cootchie at the same time. He does a bang-up job with Jamie Luner,..
Starring: Leslie Harter Zemeckis (Nude), Jamie Luner (Nude), Michelle White (Nude)

Life of a Gigolo (1998)

Reporter Lauren Hays is assigned to do an article on male prostitutes--and her editor knows she’s qualified, since Life of a Gigolo (1998) opens with the two humping in his office. Lauren enlists gigolo Mark Ritter for a series of interviews. She also does some objective research by watching as Mark bangs plenty of gorgeous young clients. Female clients, of course. It’s that..

The Sexperiment (1998)

With a clever title like The Sexperiment, how could I possibly pass this by in the video store?Sadly, the title marks the beginning, middle, and end of all the cleverness that went into this film. Director Edward Holzman (who’s turned in such decent soft core fare as The Model Solution and The Awakening of Gabriella…) put out a cookie cutter soft core bore,..
Starring: Kim Dawson (Nude), Leslie Harter Zemeckis (Nude), Leslie Harter Zemeckis (Nude)

Damien's Seed (1996)

Plenty of seed gets spilled in Damien's Seed (1996), the bizarre tale of private eye Matthew Sullivan, who’s hired by Leslie Harter Zemeckis to track down her missing sister. He immediately gets on the case by getting it on with hottie hitchhiker Jacqueline Lovell, who tags along with Sullivan to seek the sis. There are plenty of couplings as Sullivan uncovers a cult..

Leslie Harter Zemeckis TV Serials:

Women: Stories of Passion - more info

Leslie Harter Zemeckis Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Leslie Harter Zemeckis Nude pics and clips at

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