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Leigh Ann Garrett

Leigh Ann Garrett Pic

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Place of birth:     USA

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Medium Breasts, Average Body Size

    The lithe, long-legged, and lovably lusty Leigh Ann Garrett has graced our video screens just once, but she still delivered more onscreen nakedness than gals who’ve done a dozen jiggle flicks. Leigh caresses her clam in the bathtub, gets involved in some topless bondage, and basically spends much of Legally Exposed (1997) with her hooters left a-hangin’. Combine Garrett’s goods with the coconut contributions    

Leigh Ann Garrett Nude Movies:

Legally Exposed (1997)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Jacqueline LovellJacqueline Lovell started her career under the name Sara St. James and appeared on the fringe of erotica, often in adult films but not really engaging in any "encounters." Her first major film was Animal Instincts III (1996), in which she played the part of a..
Starring: Kim Dawson (Nude), Gina Garcia (Nude), Leigh Ann Garrett (Nude), Shae Harlow (Nude), Jacqueline Lovell (Nude), Thao Nguyen (Nude), Kira Reed (Nude), Sita Renne Thompson (Nude), Bo Zena (Nude)

Leigh Ann Garrett Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Leigh Ann Garrett Nude pics and clips at

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