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Kimberly Kelley

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Place of birth:     USA

Profile:     White, Blonde, Large Breasts (Fake), Average Body Size

    Kimberly started her career off with an appearance in an episode of Renegade in 1994. Since then, the lovely, buxom blonde lass has appeared in several Skintastic flicks, starting with 1995’s Night Eyes 4 and continuing on down the line with Midnight Tease II, Hard Bounty and ending with Mutual Needs in 1997, the movie that appears to have marked the end of the    

Kimberly Kelley Nude Movies:

Mutual Needs (1997)

Rochelle Swanson has got a body and she likes to show it off a lot in Mutual Needs (1997). She plays an escort hired by a loser who’s going to his ten-year high-school reunion and wants to make his classmates believe he lived up to his “Most Likely To Succeed” title upon graduating. Rochelle also has a mind, and when her date is..
Starring: Kimberly Kelley (Nude), Tricia Lee Pascoe (Nude), Sydney Coale Phillips (Nude), Rochelle Swanson (Nude)

Hard Bounty (1995)

After a bountiful living as a hired killer, cowboy Kanning (Matt McCoy) hangs up his holster to buy the town’s swinging saloon in Hard Bounty (1995). He delights in days and nights spent mediating the meanderings of the honeys who make their money turning tricks in his bar, until one of them is brutally murdered by an enemy from his past. When the..
Starring: Kimberly Kelley (Nude), Kelly LeBrock (Nude), Rochelle Swanson (Nude)

Midnight Tease II (1995)

Midnight Tease II (1995) picks up where the original left off, at the topless bar where the dancers end up stripped to kill. Wait, that’s another movie. Anyway, there are many murder-at-the-topless-club flicks, and every one of them is great. Here Kimberly Kelley plays the sister of the dead lead from the last film. She saves her big hooters for the bedroom, but..
Starring: Erin Ashley (Nude), Debra K. Beatty (Nude), Griffin Drew (Nude), Kimberly Kelley (Nude), Kim Koph (Nude), Tammy Parks (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude)

Night Eyes 4...Fatal Passion (1995)

The softcore thriller Night Eyes 4... Fatal Passion (1995) features Paula Barbieri as Dr. Angela Cross, a psychiatrist who seeks out a couple of home security specialists after her house is broken into. After one of the men is shot during another attempted burglary, Dr. Cross begins a sexual relationship with the other one. A third attempted break-in leads Dr. Cross to believe..
Starring: Paula Barbieri (Nude), Kimberly Kelley (Nude)

Kimberly Kelley Nude Pictures/Clips:

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