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Katherine Heigl

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Place of birth:     Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Date of Birth:     11/24/1978

Profile:     White, Brunette, Large Breasts (Real), Average Body Size, Childhood Star

    To quote former boyfriend (and frequent Tiger Beat cover fodder) Joey Lawrence, "Whoa!" Katherine Heigl is one hot little momma who is humongous in two very important places. Kat first caught the eyes of skinthusiasts in My Father the Hero (1994), spending the majority of the movie in a skimpy white swimsuit. Three years later, this tan teen filled up and out and showed    

Katherine Heigl Nude Movies:

Side Effects (2005)

Satire must be brutal for it to be effective, and the dark comedy of Side Effects (2005) lands on the mark. It makes you laugh and think, plus you get a little bit of skin to keep your little head occupied thanks to Katherine Heigl. The story is a no-holes-barred, or more appropriately no-pills-barred, look at the pharmaceutical industry, hence the title. The..
Starring: Katherine Heigl (Nude)

Prince Valiant (1997)

Prince Valiant (1997) is based on the popular comic strip from the Golden Age of Comics. But don't expect a silly cartoon. This is serious stuff, involving King Arthur's Camelot, Excalibur and the smoking-hot "Princess Ilene," played by big-breasted teen-cream Katherine Heigl. Prince Valiant falls for the young Princess, which may have something to do with a scene early in the movie where..
Starring: Katherine Heigl (Nude)

Katherine Heigl Sexy (NonNude) Movies:

Romy and Michele: In the Beginning (2005)

Tucson twosome Katherine Heigl and Alex Breckenridge are fresh out of high school and looking to hightail it to Hollywood in Romy and Michele: In the Beginning (2005), the made-for-cable prequel to Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997). The ditzy duo spends years getting together the dough, but they finally make enough to move to La-la-ville. Once there they immediately try to..
Starring: Alex Breckenridge, Katherine Heigl (Nude)

Wuthering Heights (2003)

Emily Brontë’s torrid tale is retooled and refueled as Wuthering Heights (2003) for Generation Next by MTV. Boy toys Christopher Masterson and Johnny Whitworth devour delicious girl-candy co-stars such as Erika Christensen and Katherine Heigl in a made-for-TV wankfest that adds much-needed lusty leverage to the classic. The always-alluring Christensen plays Cate to the very hairy newbie Mike Vogel’s Heath. The twosome trips..
Starring: Katherine Heigl (Nude)

Descendant (2002)

The typical cineaste when expounding upon “literary-inspired film” does not usually talk at any length about the genre so often blithely dismissed as thriller/murder mystery, but if there is any justice in this world, the bloody good mayhem and murder of Descendant (2002) should change all that. The conflicted hero of Descendant is also a potential lead villain. He is a handsome young..
Starring: Jenna Bodnar (Nude), Cheryl Dent (Nude), Katherine Heigl (Nude)

100 Girls (2000)

Truth in advertising? Well, almost. There might not be exactly one hundred girls in the sly comedy 100 Girls (2000), but this update on the Cinderella story gets pervy points for substituting the silver slipper for a pair of damp panties. After a kiss in a dark elevator, our Prince Alarming realizes that he's met "The One," but he never saw her face...
Starring: Ivana Bozilovic (Nude), Emmanuelle Chriqui, Biljana Filipovic (Nude), Katherine Heigl (Nude), Kristin Herold (Nude), Rainbeau Mars (Nude), Marissa Ribisi (Nude), Julieanne Steger

Bug Buster (1998)

Randy Quaid struggles to stave off a creepy, crawly scourge in the direct-to-video horror flick Bug Buster (1998). Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl lends her peerless anatomy to the role of bug-hating teen Shannon Griffin, whose family has moved to a run-down resort town in hopes of rehabilitating a slummy motel. When a swarm of killer cockroaches appears on the horizon, a shrieking..
Starring: Katherine Heigl (Nude)

The Tempest (1998)

Jack Bender’s adaptation of the William Shakespeare play The Tempest (1998) tells the story of a sorcerer stranded on an island with his daughter, a wood sprite, and a monstrous slave in the Mississippi swamp during the Civil War. Peter Fonda is Prospero and Knocked Up babe Katherine Heigl is his daughter, Miranda. You’ll be as hard as the bard himself when you..
Starring: Katherine Heigl (Nude)

My Father the Hero (1994)

You may know her better from the TV series Roswell and Grey's Anatomy, but Katherine Heigl's anatomy first revealed itself in My Father the Hero (1994). While on vacation with her divorced father, played by Gérard Depardieu, Katherine tries to impress a boy by pretending Dad's her lover. This incestuous fantasy is made even dirtier when the sixteen-year-old Katherine parades her teenage ass..
Starring: Katherine Heigl (Nude)

Katherine Heigl TV Shows:

Grey's Anatomy as Isobel (2005-)
Roswell as Isabel Evans (1999-2002)

Katherine Heigl TV Serials:

Grey's Anatomy - more info and clips
Roswell - more info and clips

Katherine Heigl Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Katherine Heigl Nude pics and clips at

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