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Julie K. Smith

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Place of birth:     Nuremberg, West Germany

Date of Birth:     08/18/1967

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Blonde, Large Breasts (Fake), Average Body Size

    Juicy, jug-heavy Julie K. Smith first slipped out of her clothing for small roles in the exploitation flicks Pretty Smart (1986) and Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988), followed by her reign as Penthouse's February 1993 Pet of the Month, but that was only a harbinger of things to come. Since then, Julie has followed suit by shedding her suit to reveal her bountiful    

Julie K. Smith Nude Movies:

Lust Connection (2005)

It’s easy to feel safe and secure while in your own hovel, sitting at your computer keyboard, scanning the screen for vulnerable females and wooing them with a self-identity that is in large part exaggeration and fantasy. The cyber Lothario of Lust Connection (2005) learns the hard way that the Internet, when misused, can be a computer-age highway to relationship hell. What’s the..
Starring: Avy (Nude), Glori-Anne Gilbert (Nude), Holly Hollywood (Nude), Chasey Lain (Nude), Jodie Moore (Nude), Monique Parent (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude)

The Witches of Breastwick (2005)

If every plaguing nightmare could be as tactilely and emotionally fulfilling as the recurring dream that propels the plot of The Witches of Breastwick (2005), no man would ever have any motivation to wake up. Every time Breastwick’s hero lays himself down to sleep, his slumber is disturbed by visions of three super-stacked, angel-faced witches who lay him down nude style with plenty..

Baberellas (2003)

Who’s going to save the world from evil alien Julie Strain and her plan to destroy Earth in a bid for higher ratings for her extraterrestrial TV show? Well, the all-female rock band The Baberellas are pretty good candidates--or maybe not, since Strain’s plot relies on stealing our planet’s sexual essence. These gals certainly seem set with a never-ending supply of the stuff...

Bad Bizness (2003)

Traci Bingham is head of security at an Indonesian resort in Bad Bizness (2003). Business is good--if you happen to be a murdering psycho who loves to kill promiscuous young models. That's because there are loads of hot mamas who show off their hot mamas, which will have audiences shooting their loads. Mia Zottoli opens up the proceedings with a boobalicious striptease. Kira..
Starring: Traci Bingham (Nude), Melissa Brasselle, Kira Eggers (Nude), Belinda Gavin (Nude), Kim Maddox (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude), Mia Zottoli (Nude)

Cheerleader Massacre (2003)

If the typical American high school were stocked with the crew of stacked-top strumpets who strut and flash throughout the flesh-packed frames of Cheerleader Massacre (2002), truancy would be down to nothing, no one would ever agree to graduate, and male teachers would pay for their posts. What could go wrong on a campus where sex is a team sport and all the..
Starring: April Flowers (Nude), Dana Pine (Nude), Charity Rahmer (Nude), Rikki Ray (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Tamie Sheffield (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude)

Wolfhound (2002)

As the 1995 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Julie Cialini is certainly no dog. She does, however, elegantly morph into a werewolf in the sexy horror film Wolfhound (2002). Julie slips into her bestial state as easily as she slips out of her clothes in this sex-filled epic. Allen Scotti co-stars as the lucky guy who stumbles upon Julie’s little secret, while he..
Starring: Julie Cialini (Nude), Regina Russell (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude)

Bare Naked Survivor (2001)

"No food. No men. No clothes." So reads the tagline for Bare Naked Survivor (2001), a softcore send-up of the Survivor TV series. Half-a-dozen brickhouse-built nubiles are dropped on the tropical island known as "Butta Cheeka," and the proceedings keep pace with that tantalizing tone. There is a "Naked Day," numerous contests in which competitors’ bare bodies may be ogled moving in all..

The Bare Wench Project (1999)

Imitation isn't the most sincere form of flattery, it's the most sinful judging by the parody The Bare Wench Project (1999). The set-up is similar to that other similarly titled film, but here "four sorority sisters disappeared into the woods near Bareassville, Delaware, while shooting a documentary. A week later their footage was found." It's a far more titillating premise thanks to the..
Starring: Antonia Dorian (Nude), Nikki Fritz (Nude), Lorissa McComas (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude)

Return to Savage Beach (1998)

L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach (1998) reunites the Double-D Agents, this time working to foil a terrorist after some hidden World War II treasure. Julie Strain is back as the villain, but how bad can she be when she looks this good? The agents aren't outgunned by the juggy Julie, not with Shae Marks on their side, who’s been getting high marks..
Starring: Ava Cadell (Nude), Shae Marks (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude), Carrie Westcott (Nude)

Day of the Warrior (1996)

Directed by Chicago's own softcore maven (Andy Sidaris), Day of the Warrior (1996) features a team of trusty and busty female agents working for the ironically named L.E.T.H.A.L. (Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law) in hot pursuit of a diamond-smuggling, art-thieving, porn-producing super-criminal called The Warrior. Bang! Bang! You'll be shooting at the walls of heartache in no time when Julie Strain..
Starring: Raye Hollitt (Nude), Shae Marks (Nude), Tammy Parks (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude)

Sorceress II: The Temptress (1996)

Sorceress II: The Temptress (1996) is number two, so it gets you harder. The story tells about witches, of course, but what wasn’t expected is that these enchantresses own a cosmetics business. The queen of these Evil Black Magic Makers is Julie Strain, who uses her powers to keep men up all night—if you know what we mean. This basically means that she..
Starring: Julie K. Smith (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude)

Midnight Tease II (1995)

Midnight Tease II (1995) picks up where the original left off, at the topless bar where the dancers end up stripped to kill. Wait, that’s another movie. Anyway, there are many murder-at-the-topless-club flicks, and every one of them is great. Here Kimberly Kelley plays the sister of the dead lead from the last film. She saves her big hooters for the bedroom, but..
Starring: Erin Ashley (Nude), Debra K. Beatty (Nude), Griffin Drew (Nude), Kimberly Kelley (Nude), Kim Koph (Nude), Tammy Parks (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude)

The Dallas Connection (1994)

The Dallas Connection (1994) offers the world a glimpse of the good life in the Lone Star State. T isn’t only for Texas, it’s also for tits as some of womanhood’s biggest boobies get involved in action that fills a ten-gallon hat, especially if it’s on your lap. That’s because vixens such as Julie Strain, in an S&M scene bound to please, segue..
Starring: Wendy Hamilton (Nude), T.J. Myers (Nude), Samantha Phillips (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude), Julie Strain (Nude)

Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988)

The third and last installment in the infamous avenging hooker series, Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988) finds Angel played by Mitzi Kapture. She leaves the bad history of Los Angeles for a new life in New York, but after discovering her long-lost mother and sister, who are now involved in a porno-drug-white-slavery ring, Angel learns that you can take the girl out..
Starring: Laura Albert (Nude), Bella Donna (Nude), Barbara Hammond (Nude), Roxanna Hernandez (Nude), Julie K. Smith (Nude)

Disorderlies (1987)

With a combined weight of over 750 pounds, threesome rap stars The Fat Boys were novelty B-Boys whose hits, such as “Wipeout” with The Beach Boys, were as heavy as they were. Well, in a funny way. That’s why they were a natural to take the next step in their career with the comedy Disorderlies (1987). They play orderlies that are hired to..
Starring: Julie K. Smith (Nude)

Pretty Smart (1987)

Ogilvy Academy is a tony finishing school for pretty, snitty young tartlets in Pretty Smart (1987), a classic tale of snoobs on snobs . . . on tape! Creepy headmaster Crawley (Dennis Cole) is videotaping all the first-rate striplings on his posh campus in sunny Greece, peddling his wares to less-blessed perverts everywhere. In order to keep his dirty doings under wraps, he..
Starring: Lisa Lörient, Julie K. Smith (Nude), Kim Waltrip (Nude)

Julie K. Smith TV Serials:

Erotic Confessions - more info

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