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Jessica Lange

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Place of birth:     Cloquet, Minnesota, USA

Date of Birth:     04/20/1949

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Blonde, Medium Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    Jessica Lange is one of an exalted breed--an acclaimed dramatist who has spilled her boobs from the dawn of her career and continues to do so during every stage of her artistic maturation. Lange's lungs first popped up as a twenty-something skingťnue in King Kong (1976); her skimpy costume and quivering chest make it easy to see why that big ape is so riled    

Jessica Lange Nude Movies:

Titus (2000)

A lot of scholars claim that Titus Andronicus is Shakespeareís worst play, but itís sure crammed full of violence. The bizarre retelling Titus (1999) even adds lots of cool modern trappings. Anthony Hopkins stars as a favored soldier who turns down the opportunity to take over the Roman Empire. Instead, Alan Cumming takes over, and heís a real troublemaker. First, he wants Titusís..
Starring: Laura Fraser (Nude), Jessica Lange (Nude)

Blue Sky (1994)

Blue Sky (1994) is a pretty good Drama/Romance about an army major (Tommy Lee Jones), his wife (Jessica Lange), and his two daughters. As the film begins, the major is flying over a beach in Hawaii in a helicopter, and finds that something has the other choppers interest. Turns out to be his wife doing some topless sunbathing. Jones is called to task..
Starring: Jessica Lange (Nude)

Everybody's All-American (1988)

Old athletes donít die; they just sell Astro-Turf and regale the drunks at sports bars. Thatís the story of The Grey Ghost, a high-school football champ who becomes pro and then just a chump. Donít feel too bad for the jock, as he won the high-school beauty queen for a wife, played by Jessica Lange. Itís enough to make you play with your..
Starring: Savannah Smith Boucher (Nude), Jessica Lange (Nude)

Frances (1982)

A tale of two actresses: Jessica Lange was a latecomer to acting, having made her first appearance in a movie at age 27. Since she'd probably like to forget that one (King Kong), she never really did anything substantial before her 30th birthday. Once she got goin', though, there was no stoppin' her. I think of Jessica as the anti-Brando, in one sense. Brando..
Starring: Jessica Lange (Nude)

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)

Tuna's Comments: The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) is the second attempt to bring the depression era classic novel by James M. Cain to the screen. The first, in 1946, was made during a pro censorship pendulum swing, making it impossible to do justice to the novel. For this reason, the director doesn't think of this as a remake, but rather as a..
Starring: Anjelica Huston (Nude), Jessica Lange (Nude)

King Kong (1976)

The critics had a lot of fun goofing on the unnecessary remake King Kong (1976), and Jessica Lange suffered most of their cruel barbs. That doesnít change how this giant monkey tale has us monkeying with our zippers every time the blonde bombshell shows up in another sheer outfit. (We particularly like how Kong displays some animal cunning by using a nearby waterfall..
Starring: Jessica Lange (Nude)

Jessica Lange TV Shows:

Stories from My Childhood as (voice) (1998-1998)

Jessica Lange Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Jessica Lange Nude pics and clips at

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