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Jacqueline Bisset

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Place of birth:     Weybridge, Surrey, England, UK

Date of Birth:     09/13/1944

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Large Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    ANATOMY AWARDS 2003 - Lifetime Skin-chievment Award Close this window   X Born of a French mother and a British father, elegantly beautiful actress Jacqueline Bisset is distinguished by her refined surface perfection and smoldering erotic core. A natural magnet for the eyes of any man with a pulse, Bisset was typecast as the mesmerizing knockout Miss Goodthighs in the James Bond parody Casino Royale (1967). Bisset's piercing sea-green eyes and popping now-you-see-me nipples caused their    

Jacqueline Bisset Nude Movies:

High Season (1987)

High Season (1987) is a quirky comedy full of offbeat characters, and has a rather silly plot. The story takes place on a Greek island. The cast of characters includes Jacqueline Bisset, her teenage daughter, her estranged husband, a close friend who is an art authority, a young man who has turned his father's feta shop into a tourist store, the man's mother..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude), Shelly Laurenti (Nude)

Famous T & A (1982)

Famous T&A (1982) is like Mr. Skin before the Internet. It’s a collection of skin scenes from a variety of movies featuring such stunners as Elvira, Vanity, Ursula Andress, Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Bisset, Sybil Danning, Uschi Digard, and everyone’s favorite Black Emanuelle, Laura Gemser. It’s a nostalgic peek at some of filmdom’s greatest peaks...
Starring: Angela Aames (Nude), Ursula Andress (Nude), Brigitte Bardot (Nude), Jacqueline Bisset (Nude), Sybil Danning (Nude), Phyllis Davis (Nude), Uschi Digard (Nude), Elvira (Nude), Laura Gemser (Nude), Claudia Jennings (Nude), Barbara Leigh (Nude), Ornella Muti (Nude), Joan Prather (Nude), Victoria Thompson (Nude), Idy Tripoldi (Nude), Vanity (Nude), Laurie Walters (Nude), Edy Williams (Nude)

La Donna della domenica (1976)

The French-Italian crime thriller La Donna della domenica (1976) stars ’70s sex symbol Jacqueline Bisset as Anna Carla Dosio, the prime suspect in the murder of a famous architect. As Commissioner Santamaria (played by consummate Italian leading man Marcello Mastroianni) investigates further, he stumbles onto a shocking conspiracy. What’s really shocking, though, is Ms. Bisset jumping out of the bed fully nude and..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude)

The Mephisto Waltz (1971)

In The Mephisto Waltz (1971), Alan Alda portrays a concert pianist who abandoned music after debuting to brutal critical notices. He befriends an older piano player (Curt Jurgens) who, dying of cancer, makes a deal with the devil to have his soul take up occupancy in Alda's young body, thereby enabling him to continue making music—and also so he can keep scoring hot..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude), Barbara Parkins (Nude)

Secrets (1971)

Secrets is one sexy day in the life of a young family like any other, if that family contains one of the hottest women on the planet. A husband, wife, and their daughter each have their own sexual moments throughout the day. But guess what? That's right, all that juicy sex must remain secret. One thing that's out in the open is the..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude)

The First Time (1969)

The coming-of-age comedy The First Time (1969) follows three teenage boys (Wink Roberts, Ricky Kelman, and Wes Stern) who, seeking to lose their virginity, cross over into Canada to find a hooker. The hooker they find is Jacqueline Bisset, who needs their help to cross the border into the U.S. After some sightseeing and helping Ms. Bisset with her American mannerisms, one of..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude)

The Sweet Ride (1968)

Tennis pro Anthony Franciosa is enjoying The Sweet Ride (1968) at his beach house as he hangs out with unemployed musican Bob Denver and surfer Michael Sarrazin. The plot--among other things--thickens once new gal Jacqueline Bisset comes strolling topless from the surf. Everyone makes a play for her, but Sarrazin ends up as the lucky beau who beds Bisset (just as in real..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude)

Jacqueline Bisset Sexy (NonNude) Movies:

Wild Orchid (1990)

Carré Otis is a sexy young lawyer sent to Brazil with sexy old lawyer Jacqueline Bisset in Wild Orchid (1990). That crazy tropical weather has quite an effect on the amorous attorney, and she soon jumps into bed with the competition. Then she trades up to millionaire Mickey Rourke for a whole new world of decadent dicking. Director Zalman King packs this steamy..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude), Carré Otis (Nude), Anya Sartor (Nude), Assumpta Serna (Nude)

Class (1983)

The classy teen sex comedy Class (1983) focuses on two best friends--nerdy Andrew McCarthy and jock Rob Lowe, who bunk together at prep school. And you know what they say: Friends who wear lingerie and barf on a double date and break into a girls' school together stay together. But when Andrew gets picked up in a Chicago bar by Rob's mom--played by..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude), Virginia Madsen (Nude)

The Greek Tycoon (1978)

The great thing about the real-life romances and travails of the world’s most powerful personages, as hinted at in the headlines and news magazines, is that their foibles can be used as the basis for exploitative fictionalized drama. The Greek Tycoon (1978) ostensibly chronicles the amorous adventures of a massively wealthy Greek shipping magnate named Theo Tomas, who woos and wins the heart..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude), Marilù Tolo (Nude)

The Deep (1977)

It's a good thing this movie isn't called The Shallow, because three-foot-deep water rarely gets cold enough to make nipples stand as firm and erect as Jacqueline Bisset's in The Deep (1977). Unless it's outdoors in Alaska. OK, so that was a shallow thing to say. But really, do you think this movie is famous for Nick Nolte's performance? In a similar vein..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude)

Le Magnifique (1973)

Le Magnifique (1973), aka The Magnificent One, is a French "James Bond" spy film staring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jacqueline Bisset. The first 40 minutes were outstanding, with Belmondo so skillful that he shoots 8 people out of a palm tree with one shot, shoots 30 or 40 bad guys with a semi-automatic, spots assassins in costume from miles away, and many amazing things..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude)

The Grasshopper (1970)

Before Jacqueline Bisset made wet T-shirts go Hollywood in The Deep (1977), she starred in The Grasshopper (1970). It's the story of a good Canadian girl's corruption by the United States. She follows her boyfriend to L.A., then Las Vegas, where she becomes a showgirl and shows her girls in revealing costumes, before returning to L.A. and a life of prostitution. Jacqueline is..
Starring: Jacqueline Bisset (Nude)

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