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J.J. Mantia

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Place of birth:     USA

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Blonde, Medium Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    J.J. started her film career out with a bang, playing “Girl #2” in the “thriller” (read: “titty-flick”) Die Watching in 1993. Of course, she appeared naked in the movie but only for an instant while being filmed during an erotic movie production. Since then, J.J. has spent her entire career in B-grade soft-core cheese, such as Shadow Dancer, Lap Dancing, Call Girl (are you    

J.J. Mantia Nude Movies:

Human Desires (1997)

It’s the Pajama Party of Death as fashionista Shannon Tweed hosts a get-together to launch a new clothing line in Human Desires (1997). Aspiring spokesmodel Peggy Trentini follows up some muff diving with what looks to be a bad dive into a swimming pool. Dawn Ann Billings doesn’t buy the official verdict of suicide--and who can blame her? She was the lucky gal..
Starring: Dawn Ann Billings (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude), Lisa Nohea (Nude), Peggy Trentini (Nude), Shannon Tweed (Nude)

Centerfold (1996)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Gabriella HallWhile softcore sweeties are often harshly made-up tramps, Gabriella Hall comes across like the nice girl you'd bring home to mother. You'd be lucky if you could, because this fetching brunette may seem poised and prissy on the outside, but she's actually a sex kitten between..
Starring: Cheryl Bartel (Nude), Gabriella Hall (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude), Angela Mia (Nude)

Intimate Betrayal (1996)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Jessica HechtJessica Hecht is best known to all you couch potatoes out there as the carpet-munching siren who stole away Ross's wife on TV's Friends. She is most definitely a TV personality, having appeared on The Single Guy, The Heidi Chronicles, and What About Joan? Jessica has..
Starring: Jessica Hecht (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude)

Masseuse (1996)

Do you knead naked female flesh? That's a rhetorical question, but the answer is yes, and the movie is Masseuse (1996). Softcore star Griffin Drew stars as the fiancée of a bum who ends up stealing all her money. She seeks revenge by getting all the women who have ever slept with him to have an orgy. That's the kind of payback Mr...
Starring: Greta Carlson (Nude), Griffin Drew (Nude), Gail Harris (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude), Monique Parent (Nude), Meaghan Prester (Nude), Amy Rochelle (Nude), Bianca Rocilili (Nude), Brittany Rollins (Nude)

Mischievous (1996)

The most exciting thing about the high-school years are the reunions, especially as played out by the two sexually charged leads of Mischievous (1996). Most of the wilder kids from the old campus will have aged into sedate, sedentary suburban fixtures, burdened by families, mortgages, and early bedtimes. But a certain small percentage of old-school hellions will have plunged further along the wayward..
Starring: Jennifer Behr (Nude), Jennifer Burton (Nude), Chanda (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude)

Call Girl (1995)

As far as professions go, erotic photographer is one of the more gratifying career pursuits, although sexual shutterbugs who actually make a living in their chosen field are few, far between, and widely envied. The camera-clicking heroine of Call Girl (1995) has talent and dedication to spare--witness her first one-woman show of arousing and thought-provoking prints. A few sales are made, but when..
Starring: Jennifer Burton (Nude), Shari Eckert (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude), Meilani Paul (Nude), Pía Reyes (Nude), Dominique Simone (Nude)

Lap Dancing (1995)

Lap Dancing was brought unto the world by noted Soft Core Pillar of the Community Mike Sedan, who also brought such classics to the Direct-to-Video Realm as Erotic Boundaries and, that’s right, Confessions of a Lap Dancer. One gets the distinct impression that this guy spends a lot of time in strip clubs… All in the name of research, of course.Do what you..
Starring: Chanda (Nude), Kim Dawson (Nude), Aline Kassman (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude), Tane McClure (Nude), Lorissa McComas (Nude)

Shadow Dancer (1995)

At first, Shadow Dancer (1995) seems to be about a male and female stripper duo, April (Cara van Landingham) and Nick (Jack van Landingham). Soon enough, though, the plot evolves into a tale of jealousy as Christy (Kim Dawson) scopes out her ex, Rob (John McCafferty), and his new squeeze, Yvonne (April Breneman). Tempers flare hot and clothes come off a lot. What..
Starring: April Breneman (Nude), Kim Dawson (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude), Cara van Landingham (Nude)

Die Watching (1993)

With the development of video technology has come the refinement of instant gratification. A small, easily handled device grants the capacity for immediate playback of reality as it has moments before played out in front of you. Like all technologies, this power can be used for good or for bad. Guess which road the central creep of Die Watching (1993) takes? Okay, so..
Starring: Avalon Anders (Nude), Vali Ashton, Tammy Elaine (Nude), Melanie Good (Nude), J.J. Mantia (Nude), Erika Nann (Nude)

J.J. Mantia TV Serials:

Beverly Hills Bordello - more info

J.J. Mantia Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

J.J. Mantia Nude pics and clips at

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