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Real Name:     Kimberly Halsey

Place of birth:     Los Angeles, California, USA

Date of Birth:     03/24/1969

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Blonde, Large Breasts (Fake), Average Body Size, Porn Star

    Surgically exoticized blonde porno celebrity Houston is an icon of sexual ambition and self-determination. Her implausibly sex-pumped lips are the first thing most viewers notice about this blue-screen siren's face, a living mask that has been molded into a totemic amalgamation of all that is arousing in the feminine physiognomy. At once a work of art and the canvas upon which a thousand scalpels    

Houston Nude Movies:

Colin's Sleazy Friends Rocks (2002)

Colinís Sleazy Friends: Raw and Extreme (2002) is the brainchild of one Colin Malone, a cable-access talk show host and fringe-dweller on the cusp of the pornography industry. Over the course of his career, Malone has interviewed and partied with an eclectic variety of stunning porn queens, b-level celebrities, and a few drunken rock stars. This DVD is a compilation of Colinís Ďgreatest..
Starring: Lizzy Borden (Nude), Houston (Nude), Victoria Style (Nude)

Cooking With Porn Stars (2002)

Cooking with Porn Stars (2002) is an amateurish filmed-on-video program that features cable-access talk show host/porn-industry hanger-on Colin Malone with a trio of well-known porn stars. Each of the sexy gals offers some kind of edible confection, before behaving in mildly pornographic fashion. If youíre a big fan of porn stars Houston, Raylene, or Teri Weigel and youíve been itching to see these..
Starring: Houston (Nude), Teri Weigel (Nude)

Houston Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Houston Nude pics and clips at

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