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Floriane Daniel

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Place of birth:     Berlin, Germany

Date of Birth:     09/17/1971

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Blonde, Jamambo! Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    Floriane Daniel is one hot mama. She got her start, however, in the family-oriented mini-series Clara in 1993. When her career stalled (somewhat) in the mid-1990s, though, Floriane resorted to a little Skin action to pay the bills in 1997’s Winterschlafer, which means “Winter Snot,” I think… At any rate, she appears completely naked in this gem of German cinema during    

Floriane Daniel Nude Movies:

Winterschläfer (1997)

Winterschläfer (1997), a.k.a. Winter Sleepers, is the tale of five troubled people linked by one car crash in a mountain village. Blonde sexpot Rebecca (Floriane Daniel) is a translator living with her ski-instructor boyfriend, Marco, in a house belonging to anorexic nurse Laura (Marie-Lou Sellem). Drunk film projectionist Rene steals Marco's car and gets in a crash with farmer Theo, whose injured daughter..
Starring: Floriane Daniel (Nude), Marie-Lou Sellem (Nude)

Floriane Daniel Sexy (NonNude) Movies:

Schöne Frauen (2004)

Five women arrive at a movie set for a casting call and, though at first suspicious of each other, soon become involved in each other’s lives. Realizing that none of them truly wants to be in the film, they take off together for a night of drinking and bonding. Each woman has her own interesting story, and the way that the actresses compliment..
Starring: Christina Beyerhaus (Nude), Floriane Daniel (Nude), Julia Jäger (Nude), Caroline Peters (Nude), Clelia Sarto (Nude), Ulrike C. Tscharre (Nude)

Floriane Daniel TV Shows:

Titus, der Satansbraten as Gina Sturhahn (1998-1998)

Floriane Daniel Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Floriane Daniel Nude pics and clips at

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