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Bibi Andersson

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Real Name:     Birgitta Andersson

Place of birth:     Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth:     11/11/1935

Profile:     White, Blonde, Large Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    Bibi Andersson is one Swedish dish sure to cook your meatballs. She was plucked from film obscurity by arthouse fave Ingmar Bergman in the mid '50s, and the director put her in all his head-scratching best, such as Persona (1966) and Scenes from a Marriage (1973). But you'll be scratching your little head watching her in the maestro's mam-sterpiece The Touch (1971). Audiences are    

Bibi Andersson Nude Movies:

Twice a Woman (1979)

Think the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dike had it good? Well, there are two dykes in Twice a Woman (1979), a real Dutch treat from the Netherlands that exposes the nether regions of its gorgeous stars Bibi Andersson and Sandrine Dumas. Bibi is the older woman, an arty museum curator who’d like to get Sandrine’s frame in her..
Starring: Bibi Andersson (Nude), Sandrine Dumas (Nude)

The Touch (1971)

The Touch (1971), influential Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman’s first English-language film, stars Bibi Andersson as Karin Vergerus, a Swedish housewife who, after being married to her husband (Max von Sydow) for fifteen years, begins to have an affair with an archaeologist (Elliott Gould) who’s working at a nearby site. Later she learns that he is an emotionally disturbed holocaust survivor and also gets..
Starring: Bibi Andersson (Nude)

Flickorna (1968)

The Girls (1968) was directed by feminist filmmaker Mai Zetterling. It's the story of three young actresses—played by Harriet Andersson, Bibi Andersson, and Gunnel Lindblom—who are getting ready to travel with a road production of the Aristophanes play The Lysistrata. In many ways, their own lives come to resemble the ancient comedy, and never more so than when Bibi show off her boobies...
Starring: Bibi Andersson (Nude)

Bibi Andersson TV Shows:

Tre kast as Member of the Film board (1975-1975)
Makt på spel as NA (1973-1973)

Bibi Andersson Nude Pictures/Clips:

Nude pics and clips at

Bibi Andersson Nude pics and clips at

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