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Betty Vergès

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Place of birth:     West Germany

Profile:     White, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Small Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

    She may not have that many credits, but Betty Vergès bats 1000. Though her oeuvre consists of only four titles in the ‘70s, her dumplings are displayed in every one of them. Betty first peeled her mangos in Griechische Feigen, aka The Fruit Is Ripe (1976), then showed her Erotic Ways in Sylvia im Reich der Wollust (1977). She warmed us up in Summer    

Betty Vergès Nude Movies:

Graf Dracula beißt jetzt auch in Oberbayern (1979)

With his predilection for sucking on virgins and an army of undead hotties who serve as his brides, Transylvania's most skinfamous count has proven ripe for numerous sex-flick treatments of both the hard- and softcore varieties. Dracula Blows His Cool (1979) falls into the latter camp, following the vampire as he samples a savory parade of German fräuleins with gluttonous glee...
Starring: Bea Fiedler (Nude), Betty Vergès (Nude)

Summer Night Fever (1978)

Shot a year after Saturday Night Fever (1977) but with nary a white polyester suit to be found, Summer Night Fever (1978) gets its kicks in the great outdoors. German cult director Siggi Gotz turns on the heat lamps for a beachside romp that has Olivia Pascal and Betty Vergès dripping with sweat. Short on plot and long on nude takes, Gotz’s softcore..
Starring: Olivia Pascal (Nude), Betty Vergès (Nude)

Sylvia im Reich der Wollust (1977)

Published in 1973, Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying is an uninhibited novel about unbridled feminism; made five years later, the German film Sylvia im Reich der Wollust (1977) pays cheeky homage to Jong’s book, with an English-language title that references it--The Joy of Flying. No hand-wringing meditation on sex and love, Franz Josef Gottlieb’s flick revels in raunchiness by treating a slew of..
Starring: Corinne Cartier (Nude), Olivia Pascal (Nude), Betty Vergès (Nude), Ajita Wilson (Nude)

The Fruit Is Ripe (1976)

Betty Vergès is a runaway. But unlike those loose teens who end up in Times Square selling their stuff on the streets, she's escaped from her parents on a sunny Greek isle. There she spends her time mostly naked and having her melons juiced by a series of saucy suitors. But she's saving herself for Mr. Right and leaves her dates alone to..
Starring: Olivia Pascal (Nude), Betty Vergès (Nude)

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