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Aya Medel

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Place of birth:     Philippines

Profile:     Asian, Has Shown Bush, Brunette, Medium Breasts (Real), Average Body Size

Aya Medel Nude Movies:

Naked Nights (2001)

Filipino director Joven Tan made the provocative Naked Nights (2001) after a year of studying the lives of strippers and sex workers. “This is probably the most passionate movie I have ever made,” said Tan, who is not known for onscreen modesty. Beginning with footage of a live sex show, Tan’s drama continues with plenty of fireworks. Most of them are provided by..
Starring: Aya Medel (Nude)

Droga, pagtatapat ng mga babaeng addict (1999)

Unfolding on shadowy streets bathed in neon lights, the erotically charged drama Droga, pagtatapat ng mga babaeng addict (1999) pairs two of the most luscious stars of the Filipino screen. Rita Magdalena stars as an unfortunate young beauty who reveals her breasts during a disturbing run-in with a gang of thugs. Co-star Aya Medel saves the good stuff for pole dancing in her..
Starring: Rita Magdalena (Nude), Aya Medel (Nude)

Gatilyo (1999)

If you’ve had your fill of generic women’s prison movies from the Philippines, then check out the bona fide Filipino action extravaganza Gatilyo (1999)--right down to dialogue delivered in the native Tagalog language. That should baffle some drive-in viewers while they enjoy the gunplay in this tale of international intrigue. The amazing Aya Medel, however, speaks the skinternational language of hubba-hubba as she..
Starring: Aya Medel (Nude)

Hilig ng katawan (1999)

A socially committed journalist and her estranged prostitute sister attempt to make amends in Hilig ng katawan (1999). The women are reunited when the call girl finds one of her clients murdered and the sibling reporter is dispatched to cover the case. With a film set primarily at a beachside resort, director Cesar Evangelista finds plenty of occasions to dress actresses Aya Medel..
Starring: Aya Medel (Nude)

Kaya Ko Pero Masakit (1998)

Aya Medel’s trim physique is no stranger to the camera, and in the Pinoy romance Kaya Ko Pero Masakit (1998) the delectable adult star plays it fast and loose with clothing. Dante Pangilinan’s directorial debut finds Medel embarking on a late-afternoon siesta with a local lothario. The exotic setting of the romantic drama only adds to its steamy charm...
Starring: Aya Medel (Nude)

Masarap, masakit ang magmahal (1998)

Themes of love, hope, folly, and frustration are woven into Masarap, masakit ang magmahal (1998), a far-reaching tale about three women from diverse backgrounds who come together to try to discover happiness. Set at an exotic beachside resort, the film brings together many of the top names in Filipino cinema, including sultry beauties Aya Medel and Ynez Veneracion. Both women allow alluring peeks..
Starring: Aya Medel (Nude), Ynez Veneracion (Nude)

Notoryus (1998)

It would be difficult to confuse the Pinoy sex drama Notoryus (1998) with the Alfred Hitchcock classic of the same name. Captivating though she is, Ingrid Bergman never flaunts it as freely as Filipino sexpot Aya Medel. Starring alongside the beautiful Rachel Alejandro, Medel mingles with a rough crowd in a gritty urban shoot-‘em-up that also finds the actress stripping down for a..
Starring: Aya Medel (Nude)

Troublesome Night 4 (1998)

With Troublesome Night 4 (1998), Hong Kong director Herman Yau cranks out the fourth volume in a horror-comedy franchise he began a mere two years prior. Like other volumes in the prodigious series, the fourth is an omnibus film that relates funny, scary tales set in a single milieu. This time out, Yau turns his attention to Hong Kong tourists vacationing in the..
Starring: Ana Capri (Nude), Aya Medel (Nude), Via Veloso (Nude)

Akin ka lamang (1997)

Country bumpkin Aya Medel leaves her village home in pursuit of big-city dreams in Akin ka lamang (1997), only to discover her boyfriend from the village has also moved to the city! She learns that true love never dies and lives happily ever after thanks to long, sensuous booby-baring bubble baths and lots of banging her man...
Starring: Aya Medel (Nude)

Tatlong Kasalana (1996)

In the heartwarming (and hard-on warming) Filipino family drama Tatlong Kasalana (1996), three sisters return to their family home to care for their ailing father, only to drive each other completely insane with annoyance. The trio wish they were never related, but dear old dad is able to help them overcome their differences. Twisted sister Aya Medel shows T&A while posing nude and..
Starring: Aya Medel (Nude)

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