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Ara Mina

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Place of birth:     Philippines

Profile:     Asian, Brunette, Large Breasts (Fake), Average Body Size

Ara Mina Nude Movies:

Ang Huling birhen sa lupa (2003)

Ang Huling birhen sa lupa (2003), a.k.a. The Last Virgin, won ten awards in the Manila film festival in 2003. An ex-convict (Jay Manalo) assumes the role of a fake priest in order to trick townspeople into giving him money for performing miracles. His priestly vow of chastity is blown when he falls in love with prostitute Lorena (Ara Mina) and she gets..
Starring: Hazel Espinosa (Nude), Ara Mina (Nude), Maui Taylor (Nude)

Two-timer (2002)

Filipina nude honey Ara Mina plays straying wife Viveca in the aptly named Two-timer (2002). Though she appears to be happily married to her psychiatrist husband, Cholo (Albert Martinez), Viveca has an insatiable hunger for sexual escapades with strange men. After a one-night stand with playboy DJ Andre (Wendell Ramos), Viveca finds herself being hotly pursued and is forced to decide whether or..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Laro sa baga (2000)

The sexual awakening of a budding young lothario is the subject of the sweeping dramatic film Laro sa baga (2000). As Ding (Carlos Morales) matures, he moves through relationships with a childhood crush (Angel Aquino), a captivating beauty (Ara Mina), and a manipulative wife (Monique Wilson). It isn’t until Ding has reflected on his situation that he realizes his devotion to the one..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Nag-aapoy na laman (2000)

Mr Skin is a big fan of this Movie! He especially likes the work of these stars:Ara MinaFilipino filly Ara Mina came out of the gate running . . . well, streaking is more accurate. In Init Sa Tag-Ulan (1997), the former star of wholesome family fare shucked that staid image (along with her clothes) for a ghostly erotic encounter that has every..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Banatan (1999)

A rookie cop’s sultry girlfriend gets some wicked ideas in Banatan (1999), a sordid crime thriller. When a newbie on the force (Jomari Yllana) gets caught in a failed hit attempt involving a gaggle of veteran officers, he flees the scene with a bag of loot in his charge. Unfortunately his beautiful lover (Ara Mina) has some ideas of her own about the..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Maldita (1999)

The sexploitation flick Maldita (1999) was responsible for splashing Ara Mina’s name across the tabloid papers in Manila. Mina’s bedeviling performance is an erotic high-water mark for the actress, which is not to say that her work in Init Sa Tag-Ulan (1997), Sagad Sa Init (1998), or other steamy Filipino films is anything to scoff at. Here Mina stars alongside Tonton Guiterrez and..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Pahiram kahit sandali (1998)

Food is the common thread in the romantic threesome of Pahiram kahit sandali (1998). Meat salesman Christopher is cheating on his wife, Alice, with a bored businesswoman (Filipina sex kitten Ara Mina). Alice teaches Ara how to be a fabulous cook, both of them unaware that they are sleeping with the same man. Ara Mina flashes a nice bit of skin in a..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Sagad Sa Init (1998)

The Philippines used to import women’s prison movies, but Sagad Sa Init (1988) proves they’re also innovative at softcore crime dramas. Jomari Yllana stars as a dancer who’s tapping the awesome ass of politician’s wife Sharmaine Arnaiz. Her husband is doing pretty well for himself with gorgeous mistress Ara Mina--but then Jomari does some double dipping with both Sharmaine and Ara. This results..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Tatapatan Ko Ang Lakas Mo (1998)

In Tatapatan Ko Ang Lakas Mo (1998), two of the hottest stars in Pinoy cinema team up for an action-thriller boasting plenty of fireworks. In the tradition of James Bond spy thrillers and Hollywood popcorn fare, Jose N. Garreon's Filipino hit keeps plot to a minimum, opting instead to show its heroes (played by Lito Lapid and gorgeous Ara Mina) in blistering car..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Tatlo... magkasalo (1998)

Ton Ton Gutierrez plays an architect married to a former lesbian (Ara Mina) in Carlos Siguion Reyna’s Filipino flick Tatlo... magkasalo (1998). Ton Ton is forced to learn a lesson about sharing when his wife's ex-lover is on her cancer deathbed and has one final wish--one last roll in the hay with his wife! Pinay hottie Ara Mina gives a quick boob flash..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Code Name: Bomba (1997)

Filipino box-office draws Monsour del Rosario and Ara Mina reprise Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone’s roles in Code Name: Bomb (1997), an action-packed remake of The Specialist (1994). As a pair of bomb-detonation experts, the duo finds themselves caught in the crosshairs of a mob syndicate’s evil plot, and to escape alive they’ll have to blast, shoot, and kickbox their way out. Amid..
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

Init Sa Tag-Ulan (1997)

Sex kitten Ara Mina made her long-awaited nude debut in the Filipino ghost story Init Sa Tag-Ulan (1997). Formerly the star of wholesome, garden-variety family fare, Mina really let her hair down as the sexual plaything of a supernatural lover. Illuminated by bolts of lightning, the voluptuous actress exposes her trim body to the night in a series of tantalizing encounters...
Starring: Ara Mina (Nude)

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